Transferring Zen Gallery, Forum, Blog

I’m looking to change my websites domain name by registering for a new one. Reason being, do not want the current name to associate in any way with the website I have.

I have ZenPhoto (manual install) and a Forum. Would I have to go and recreate and re-upload all the photos for the new domain or is it possible to just transfer the databases or change the names of the databases to reflect in the new website.

Registering and hosting will all be done through Dreamhost.

I’m assuming you mean your existing web site, zenphoto and forum are already hosted at DreamHost.

As for as the databases go - its just like email sorta, it doesn’t matter where your database client is as long as you use the same details to access the database.

I’m not sure what setup your looking for. Generally you have a hosting plan, and you have system users for this plan, and when you host a domain for web site access, you get to specify a directory controlled by a system user.

For example, If you started with user “bob” and domain “”, then web site files for would be served from /home/bob/

Say you want the gallery on a subdomain, ie “” but you want to use “bob” to manage the files. Then the gallery would go in /home/bob/

An alterntaive would be to create a second user, “ansel” and specify that “” be served from /home/ansel/ - but you have to login to ansel instead of bob to manage the files.

Once you know what system path the gallery is going to be served from, generally you can simply log into shell and use a few commands to copy the files from one path to the other. This works given both users are yours and on the same machine. Otherwise you have to use a file transfer program like rsync - which you can run from one dreamhost machine to another instead of using your own computer as a middleman.

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The database hostnames/paths are all but invisible to end users, but you can export the contents from the one you have now (, create a new database hostname (, and import the contents of the old into the new.

If the is already here at DreamHost you can copy all the folders over in shell, then change any hardcoded paths in the ZenPhoto and Forum script’s configuration files at

eg. Stuff like: -> ->
sqluser=olddbuser -> sqluser=newdbuser
sqlpass=olddbpass -> sqlpass=newdbpass

Then login to Admin and edit any old paths that might reside in the database.

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Thanks guys! I will try it.