Transferring website files from Godaddy?

I have a friend who is hosting a basic website on He wants me to manage it, and I would like to bring it to DH.

Is it possible to transfer all of the files/folders easily?
Do I need to copy all files and transfer one at a time?
Is there a link, thread, or tutorial that shows how to do this?

Thank you.

Does this help ?

Thank you. I will try that. He is actually going to leave his domain there. I just wanted to move his site (hosting) over. Will work on it today and let you know if it works.

Thanks again.

There’s also a page in the wiki about how to host with DH and use a domain registered with someone else. I do that for one of my sites.

That is actually what I am wanting to do. So, is there a better way than the link you described in your first reply?

I use Transmit for the Mac. Maybe Filezilla can do this also:
If I open an FTP (SFTP, actually) window to one site, and a new FTP window to another site, I can drag files from one FTP server window to the other FTP server window. It’s a little cumbersome since it’s routing all the files through my home computer, but it acts like a server to server transfer.

If you are handy with command line, you can log into your shell account here and FTP to your GoDaddy account and try a recursive FTP get: