Transferring to DreamHost Questions


Hi there everybody, I have done a lot of work on my website at my old website host (BlueHost, if that makes a difference). Now I wish to transfer my website hosting to DreamHost because I believe that they will offer me better service.

Anyways, I really just want to know how difficult the actual transfer process will be and what tools/services are available to assist me in the transfer.

Also, I’m not really sure how MySQL databases function but I do know that they store some sort of data for script installations like Wordpress, how would I go about transferring these?

Thank you for your time.


really? you want to move to Nighmarehost?
i guess you haven’t been reading their Status blog lately… all my websites are down since sunday and all they can tell me is that they have a hard disk failure on the server where my sites are and that i should also lower my memory usage cause i have wordpress sites!!
i’ve lost a lot of money because of this 5 days outage and it’s still on…


Hosting a business on which one relies for income on a shared server would be considered an initial point of failure. Query your IT department about who made the decision to use a shared resource and instruct them to research a more suitable solution. And then fire them.

The Wiki has lots of good info, and there is this forum.

You’d first attain database dumps (backups) of your current databases and then import them here.

There is a brief description of the transfer process outlined in the Wiki:

Pick the situation that applies to you and it’s reasonably straight forward :wink:

If you’re moving everything over, tell Support (they might even offer to do it for you considering you’re changing over to DH). Ask them if they will - it’s worth a shot!


sXi, I’m self employed and i’ve been using Dreamhost shared hosting for over 6 years with minimum problems until 5 days ago… and by your tone, i could say you don’t care about what DH customers go through lately… all you care about is your $97 commission you get from the discount code you promote on your message signatures…


almogar, I don’t agree with you. I’ve been a DH customer for years and sXi has been very active and helpful in this forum. A lot of people in this forum have promo codes in their signatures. Some do care to get some commission. But there are people here who are willing to help people out. sXi is one of them.

I respect sXi and his comments.

Back to the topic, hosting a business on a shared server is dangerous because all resources are shared by multiple users on the same servers. DH has tried to manage it best by limiting resources of a single process etc but it is not guaranteed the website will be stable on a shared server. When stability becomes crucial, we’ll suggest people to switch to VPS or dedicated server. There is alternative.

There are some nice wiki articles about how to transfer a site to DH. Hope it helps