Transferring site from GoDaddy

I recently hired someone to build a site for me. The site was originally built on his server with hosting through GoDaddy. I then registered a domain and bought hosting service both with DreamHost.

He transferred the site over to the domain name and DreamHost server. However, within the WordPress dashboard, the hosting control center and help sections still direct to GoDaddy.

  1. How do I check that he correctly transferred over all the files?

  2. Do I need to re-install WordPress, and if so, what steps do I need to take?

I am very new to this subject matter and will appreciate any thorough explanations and basic language to describe what I need to do.

Thank you!

The WordPress dashboard doesn’t usually have options for the hosting control panel; that must be something that GoDaddy added when you set the site up. Check the WordPress plugins options to see if there’s anything GoDaddy-specific in there? If there is, turn it off.

Looks like there’s a plugin called “welcome-to-wordpress” that was made by GoDaddy. That’s where it’s coming from. If you turn that off, it’ll go away :slight_smile:

Great, thanks to both of you for the advice and disabling the welcome plugin eliminated the associated GoDaddy features.

Is there any reason that I should re-install WordPress through the DreamHost one-click install process? I didn’t know if there are any extra features or anything like that. I am running the current version of WordPress.

If you use the one-click, we auto-update for you to the major releases of WP within 24 hours of a new version.

If you’d like to reinstall it, you can actually ‘cheat’ and just copy your files back over when you’re done, to have both our install AND your settings, so you get the updates without any fuss :smiley: