Transferring registration

I have domains with other registrants that I’m considering moving over to DH. There are 4 domains in particular that are within the 30-days-until-renewal period so it’s a perfect time to use my Blingyfest credits to lug them over this way.

That Blue guy is the current registrant of the domains in question and the domain manager they have is really good. As I don’t have any registrations with DH at this time I’d like to hear about any possible cons with the way domains are managed within the Panel.

I’m hoping someone here who is familiar with both parties might offer me a brief 1st-hand comparison.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I’m not familiar with “That Blue Guy” registrar, nor could I find it in Google. Maybe you’re using some secret code word.

My favorite thing about registering here is that they offer the free anonymous proxy for the contact information. Everything else is simple and straightforward.


If you’re just talking about domain registration, I don’t know of any difference between domain registration between the two registrars. I have domains registered both here and at “the other place” and I have domains hosted in both places.

BTW, don’t forget that the TLD’s covered by both registrars is a little different between the two.

You’ve been here a long time. Aren’t you personally familiar with both or have you just never registered your domains here?

The one somewhat annoying thing about Dreamhost is that their transfer process requires you to temporarily disable domain privacy at the other registrar in order to effect the transfer to them. I suppose this is for our own safety so I shouldn’t complain too much. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys.

I use Bluejoke and DEA as registrars. I never used the freebie domains I received here when signing up so haven’t delved into how the Domain Manager works - or if it had any shortcomings. I’ve heard horror stories about some other registrar domain managers so thought it best I ask you blokes before jumping in :wink:

Support confirmed I can use my freebies in leiu of the transfer fees btw.

Awesome, as always, DH :slight_smile:

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Coming into the topic a little late, but I’ve had my domains registered with various registrars for a little over 7 years before hopping to DH for both my DNR and for my webhosting needs.

I have used:

There’s no particular reason for me to go anywhere else, really. In my 7 years of owning and managing domains, I have experienced some of the nastiest things that have happened in the DNR business and most of it at the hands of RF.

Once RF went down the can, I got my stuff moved to GoDaddy (I didn’t choose this; this happened because of the legal process involved) and after seeing the craptastic way they do control paneling and seeing how they try and sell something at every click and corner, I more than had enough of them.

DH was simple and easy to configure and offered the same valuable options the other registars were offering MINUS the headaches and time wasted.

Especially if you have DH hosting and you like DH hosting (if you don’t like it, why are you still here?), there really is almost no reason to NOT choose DH for your .com, .net, and .org domain registration.

The only thing I can think of that would make a registrar like GoDaddy more appealing would be their discount coupons they offer from time to time.

But, maaan.

I. HATE! PUSHY. SALESPEOPLE! And I used to be a sales associate once upon a long time ago!

And GoDaddy is THE fatherlode of pushy salespeople and ‘salespeople’.

… That, and I get sick and tired of seeing the same damned ‘trying to make GoDaddy sexy’ advertisements EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I log into the site.

I’m looking for reliable domain name management, HELLO? Anybody home? I need a solid control panel and I need it and all the related domain management features to work!

If I want my girls, then I know of better places to find my own eyecandy, thanks.

… No offense to Danica meant, of course.