Transferring registration of a site within Dreamhost


I am not a coder or developer.

“Someone” registered a URL with Dreamhost.

Site went down because it had expired.

Finally contacted “someone” via e-mail to get him to pay the fee.

“Someone” is willing to transfer ownership to me.

He has initiated the process on his end. However, I do not have a Dreamhost account.

How can I create a Dreamhost account so that the transfer can be completed? I have started the steps. but then I am required to select a financial plan. If the site is already hosted, do I have to pay?

P.S. I am trying to do this for a friend, who has even less knowledge than I do.


Yes you need to pay. You will need to pay for a hosting plan and the domain itself. Transferring the domain from one owner to another is not free.


If ‘someone’ only has one domain with DH, not sure if ‘someone’ can give their account to you. Probably against DH’s T&Cs.


Transferring a domain is almost free but you do have to pay. When a domain is transferred and the fee is paid, a year is added to the expiration.