Transferring registration and hosting of a site within Dreamhost



I created a website and have been hosting it through my own dreamhost account for a friend. He has decided he wants to take all of it in house so I need to transfer hosting and registeration to him. I have recommended he stay with Dreamhost and hopefully he will.

If he does, what all will I need to do to make this a smooth transaction?
If he doesn’t, are there any hiccups I need to be prepared for?

Also, I’d like to make him aware of the cost. I know it costs $8.95 for hosting for a year and you get one free domain registration. But I also know you have to buy a year’s registration when transferring over. Will the one free domain registration cover this or will he end up getting registered for 2 years or will he be out the one free registration? The site currently has 10 months left registered in my name.

Thanks for your help and sorry if this has been asked before, I’m very short on time for finding the answers.


Two points:

[list][]You get one free “domain registration” credit each year (including one when you sign up), which can be used for a registration, renewal or transfer in. There’s no requirement that you use it for the same registration each year, although it’ll often end up working out that way.
] Transferring a domain automatically adds a year to its registration, no matter whether it “needed it” or not.

With that all in mind, you’re probably fine - you can use your “free registration” credit to transfer the domain in, and that’ll renew it for one year when it takes effect (extending it to March 2013 or so).