Transferring phpbb forum from one host to another

can someone tell me how this can be down?

i want to bring my forum over from one host to dreamhost

i have tried restoring the backup file using the admin panel in the forum, and it doesnt work,

i tried just ftp copy entire forum to the new host and that doesnt work either…

there must be an easier way, someone please help, i would like to get things going with dreamhost as soon as possible thanks

The forum files should be a direct copy from one host to the other. You will have to change the config.php file to your new details. (You will probably have to change this file to stop the database pointing to localhost (which doesn’t work on DH)).

If you have access to PHPMyAdmin on your other host, use that to make your backup. Goto your database and preform a full export (data and structure), choose to save it as a file. Then FTP this to your DH account.
Manage your users on DH and enable SSH (shell) access on the user you uploaded the file with.
Login to SSH and navigate to the backup file
Then type
mysql -h -u dbuser -p < backup.sql

It might take a while for a large forum, but shouldn’t take too long otherwise.

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