Transferring over Blogger to Wrdrpess (multiple problems+overal noobness)


To kick this off I want to say that I have no understanding whatsoever of the basics of anything. So much so that I don’t even know what word I should substitute “anything”: with, because I honestly don’t know what I’m dealing with to begin with.

I’m going to break this down simply and hope for assistance.

I had a blogger blog, wanted to transfer it to a wordpress. Before attempting anything I watched about 30,928 tutorials online. It seemed simple enough and was sold on the idea. [color=#800000][b]Now whether or not transfering my blog from blogger to wordpress is difficult, isn’t even the issue here.

Reason being is I can’t get to that step. I can’t get past the initial installation of Wordpress. [/b][/color]

I registered a URL with Godaddy months ago for my blogger. I got on dreamhost the other night and wanted to use that URL and bring my blog over here and then convert it to wordpress.

I’m completely lost in all of this. I don’t understand SQL databases, hostnames, DNS, WebFTP, FTP, or any of it. I also havent seem to be able to transfer my registrar to DreamHost from godaddy, although I’ve tried.

I did something where I sucessfuly installed wordpress but then the links in the email that you initially receive came up dead. Which means I obviously did something completely wrong. Not to mention, whatever process I did I sure as hell didn’t use the wordpress zip file I downloaded earlier.

Before I’d sucessfuly install something and it led me to a blank page via the email I received. Later on, I’d fail to even fail at installing and simply get rejected all together. Visual explaination>

I’m having so much issues with this process and I have such little knowledge, that its almost difficult for me to explain how many things I’ve tried… I know now that I will NOT be able to do this by myself. I wish someone could do it for me, or simply walk me through it properly. Instead of wasting my time watching year old tutorials being taught on a different interface.

Then I pretensiously screwed around with hostnames on Godaddy the other night, causing my site to completely drop I think… could get on it for hours. Reverted back to its original settings to fix it.

Basically I suck at this. I can’t do it. I’m also so busy that the only time I get to work on it is on the 3 hours I have after work before I gotta get to sleep for work in the morning. Time I usually spend blogging, not learning html and interweb shit.

I forsee many more issues arrising… please, I don’t know what type of help to even ask for. But I need some and the sooner the better.

[align=center]What I want to accomplish[/align]

1) install wordpress on my pre-existing domain name supplied by GoDaddy
2) Transfer my blogger to wordpress without losing RSS feeds, etc (something I think I can do easily, but I can’t even get to this step).
3) Change my GoDaddy domain’s Registrar to Dreamhost, so I never have to deal with them again, they suck.
4) blog about how damn frustrating this journey was.

Sorry for my post length… I wanted to be thorough in my explanation, but really all I did was ramble and cry. Frustration… lol


You need to go to your account at godaddy and change the dns of your domain to point to,, it can take a couple of days for this change to propagate over the internets. Until it does you would not be able to access content on it. You can, however, create a sub-domain and set it to be a mirror of your domain name and access your site using that until you get the dns straightened out. I would like to point out that while you can have DH as your registrar I (and a lot of other people) tend to think it is best to keep your web host and domain registrar separate in most cases. I do have a domain name registered and hosted here but only because the registration is free so I might as well use it. If you do want to transfer the domain away from godaddy you have to turn off the private registration and unlock the domain first.

Here are a couple of dh wiki entries that should help you:

Good luck with your endeavors and also just to mention it is doubtful anyone here would get wp going for you without money exchanging hands first. 75 bucks for me as is listed in my signature. Save yourself money and try to sort it out yourself first though. Once you get through it the first time (imo) there is no php/mysql based softwares you wouldn’t be able to install yourself with minimal effort (seriously DNS aside getting wp going isn’t even a 5 minute job).


Thank you very much. Even though you could just try to make money off me, you’re trying to steer me right, telling me the actual nature of this situation (being that its easy to do). Well, I’m still fairly nervous about doing all this. However, I’m going to give it another shot. I didn’t know that it would take that much time to propagate. Perhaps, I did this correct the first time but since I saw no positive result… simply assumed I did everything incorrectly. I tried to get everything running within the first few hours of trying it, little did I know this is an event that takes time.

Due to my lack of confidence and lack of time, there’s a high chance I’d end up paying your fee. So I’ll remain in contact with you if I do feel like going down that route. However, its probably best I learn this stuff for the future. I’ll probably set the wheels in motion today and hopefully it’ll work out for me. I’d like to understand that mirror thingy a bit better… since I’d prefer my site wasn’t down in the mean time… but one thing at a time I guess.

Once again, I appreciate your honest and direct answers. Thank you very much for the support.


When I checked the registration of your domain name the name server information was not pointed to dreamhost. You should log into your godaddy account and make sure you did it.


Well right now I just tried to do it all. I don’t know if I did anything right. But I guess time will tell. I went to Godaddy… yes, my domain was locked, unlocked that. Then I saw I could change nameservers there, I changed them to,, But then in another menu titled DNS dashboard they have Zone Editor with tons of numbers, info and techno crap.

At the bottom there’s another nameserver catagorey completely blank. I don’t know if this is where I was supposed to add the ns1,ns2 and ns3, or if I’m supposed to edit both, so I just added those links there too.

If I’m over doing it with my wild click/type anything let me know. For now, my links are dead again (for my site). I tried to make a mirror thingy but it aint working… guess im doing it wrong or needs time, IDK. is the site. Idk if u see what I see but I see an index of sorts.


i went to your site and it shows me a listing of the files there. there is a directory called wordpress but nothing is in it. did you do the one-click install and delete it? try again.


Oh, didn’t realize I got an email with this error.

I don’t know if this is due to the 40k deleted databases I made or what… when i check it says nothing is installed. I’ve redone it under new databases a million times. So what do I do? Do i add something here to circumvent this? >

When I add that, will all be solved?! When I did it before I think my links came back dead, rather than showing that index it currently shows (probably due to me not changing the namehosts before).

as a side note, I bought a new domain to see if I had the same issue working from scratch. Well, I easily installed wordpress and have a 2nd site now running no problem. So I guess all of my difficulties lie in the use of my already running GoDaddy domain name with blogger. So now the problem seems to have narrowed down considerably.


on i show a database directory, wordpress directory, favicon.ico and favicon.gif and there is possibly an .htaccess file but i wouldn’t be able to see that i don’t think. delete everything and try again OR you can go to the wp admin general section of your new domain name and change the site and wordpress url to and then simply rename folder to and rename the other domain folder to and it should work fine. you would need to update theh wp-config to use a hostmask (you would have to create this in the mysql section on your dh panel but it is not really necessary if you plan on keeping whatever the other domain is… hostmasks are interchangeable anyways).


What you just said confused me. Remember, you’re dealing with a sub-human. And you just scared me with all that educated speak.

Well, I just did this:

and wrote “blog”, now doesn’t work still… but, does. Am I closer to figuring this all out? I’m wondering where I’m going wrong. I’m really close to filling your wallet with $ at this point because I’m a sore loser and a big spender.

Well, I’m a broke ass… but hella irresponsible with money, so I like letting it do the talking while I sit back.
I’m going to re-read everything you’ve told me to do and check list it all first. I’ll try to delete everything also (again).


Well since you have that going you are nearly there. There is a way to keep the actual files in the sub directory but have it be displayed in the root. Read through the following thread very carefully and you should be good to go:


Okay, cool I’ma read that over now, thoroughly (not that “thoroughly” will help with my inability to comprehend anything since im a brick).
One question though. The transfer im attempting from blogger to wordpress is a transfer that doesn’t hurt my RSS subscribers, links, etc… will having this posted on a sub directory effect that? Because I’m guessin it would, and if thats the case, this might be a no-go for me. I’d have to find out how to do it properly still. Either that or just man up and lose the little that I got.


that i don’t know since i don’t deal with rss feeds much. it is possible to use rewrite rules and such via .htaccess though if all else fails. i did find a good article (google is so wonderful …) you would start around step #4 (once you have read the other thread i talked about and made the changes listed in it anyway).