Transferring Joomla 1.0 site with Cpanel

I’d like to host my friend’s site on my Dreamhost account but have been running into several issues in doing the transfer. I don’t have much experience with CMS sites and have never transferred one. From what I can tell, CPanel seems to be incompatible with Dreamhost. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the transfer? I’ve spent a few hours on several occasions trying to figure it out but have yet to find a solution. Any help would be much appreciated.

Well, its usually just a matter of uploading all of the files on the site and importing the mysql database using phpmyadmin. You will have to alter the configuration files to make sure it points to the correct database.
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I am confused about what you’re talking about when you say that CPanel is incompatible with Dreamhost. You are correct in that they don’t use CPanel here, but I’ve never seen any features of CPanel that would let you specify a transfer destination.

Perhaps you are talking about the files that you get when doing a full backup from CPanel. If so, there would be no place to import that huge backup monstrosity that CPanel produces. Plus a full restore wouldn’t work anyway because the paths would be wrong.

Your best bet is probably to go into a shell and archive up the files that you want.

Which is essentially what Ryo-ohki said I guess. You’re likely to have the best luck grabbing exactly what you’re looking for instead of trying to transfer everything. Perhaps this wiki entry will help. If not maybe someone can offer more suggestions with more detail from you.

Search for JoomlaPack. It’s a component for Joomla that will ZIP up your complete installation including MYSQL database, then you extract to your new host and run the installation script just like you would during a new install. It will import the database and everything. Pretty slick tool

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