Transferring from one domain to another- Word Pres



I have several domains hosted by dreamhost. I set up word press on one of the domains and started posting. Now I would like to move the entire thing to another domain (also hosted by dreamhost). Is there a way to do this without losing my posts and the changes I have made to the template? And how do I do this? I’m kind of stumped here. Thanks in advance!


There are actually a couple of ways you couple approach it, depending upon your comfort level in the shell and editing code.

A very good overview of all the things to consider can be found in the WordPress Codex article on “Moving WordPress”, which describes just about every possible scenario (including what you are planning to do).

If you read through that, and feel like you understand what is involved, you might decide to just rename the directories for the domains and make an edit or two ro appropriately to reflect the new site! :wink:

This of course presume that your are NOT tied to the “one-click” system for updates - moving a site this way will break thatl, so if you need to retain “one-click” upgrade ability, you will need to take another approach.

The best way to do that would be to just export all your data from your “old site” (using the export tool in the WordPress back-end), download and save your entire template directory for your customized template(s), create a new “one-click” at the new domain, and then “import” the data you exported from your old site into the new one.



I don’t think I am tied to the-one system. I am getting more comfortable with editing code so I’ll give the first idea a try. Thanks a lot for your suggestions!



Good deal, and good luck. I think you will find it is pretty easy to do, and if you have problems there are lots of bright folks here to help you! :wink: