Transferring from another ISP

I’m seriously considering transferring my domain from Simplehost to DreamHost and I have some additional questions:

  • On SH, my sons can FTP into their subdomain without access to the rest of the domain. Is that possible here?

  • Is there any way to FTP directly between the servers to do the major file transfer?

  • On SH, I have many Gallery installs all running from a single ‘multi-site’ Gallery codebase. Can that be done with 1-click Gallery installs here? Since 1-click is supported, this may not be all that important. SH quite their 1-click installs some time ago.

  • I’m wondering about managing the domain transfer. Can I move files before moving the domain registration? Can I move files using a new domain, then switch to use the old transfered domain?

  • Any ex-Simplehost users here that can tell me their comparisons?



Yes, you can configure it so each domain or sub-domain is under the control of a different machine user. Logging-in via FTP as a particular user will show only the domain files under the control of that user.

A lot depends on how Simplehost has things configured, but you may be able to use something like wget in the Shell to transfer the files directly between the servers.

Not being a big Gallery user, I can’t really answer this question, but, as you say, having the one-click-install and the unlimited MySQL databases may make this less important anyway.

Yes, you can create a temporary (free) sub-domain and set it to mirror your real domain. The procedure is outlined in the wiki article below;


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