Transferring from 1and1

After years of ridiculousness at 1and1 hosting, i’ve finally decided to switch hosts. I’m quite sure moving to DreamHost was the best thing i’ve done in a long time.

However, i’ve read a whole lot of stories on the web about people having trouble transferring domains over. I think I did what I needed to do, but I was wondering if anyone else can help me know for sure. I unlocked the domains in question at 1and1, did the process in the DH control panel (after pointing the domains DNS to the DH nameservers), and verified the transfer request via the URLs provided in the confirmation emails. Do I have to simply play the waiting game now or is there anything else I need to do?

When I transferred my site,, I had a lot of trouble getting the account to commit at the dreamhost level because kept changing the authcode for my domain.

Once I got that straightened out, it took the full week that the DH system said it would. As long as you got the confirmation and what not - I think you’re going to be all set to just wait… - City Streets

I’m not sure whether you have read this. Hope this helps.

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When people have trouble transferring from one place to another, it’s likely to be the place they’re leaving that would cause the problem.

Sounds like you did okay, so I’d wait and see. Some places really drag their feet when it comes to releasing a domain, but others do it right away.

You should receive an email either way when it over, whether the transfer fails or succeeds.

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