Transferring files from another FTP server to DH

Hi guys… i just signed up with DH 3-4 days ago. It was a bumpy ride initially getting used to a non cPanel interface but im getting the hang of it bit by bit :slight_smile:

I will be ending my contract with my previous web hosting service shortly and before i do that i want to transfer all my files from there to DH. I have about 5-6 gigs of files.

I was wondering if any of you know if there exists a way i can do a server to server transfer of files (as opposed to downloading them on my computer first and then uploading them on DH). Just trying to save some time here. Thanks!

Just a thought, but if you have the ability of tar’ing (or rar’ing, or zip’ing, etc) your files up on your other host, you could easily login to your DreamHost account via SSH (which you’d have to enable first) and wget the tar/whatever file from there. Then just extract it to your web directory, and you’re all set! :slight_smile:

If the above sounds alien or complicated to you, let me know and I’ll point you to some links in the wiki to get you started :wink:

Otherwise, as far as I’m aware, the DreamHost FTP server doesn’t allow FXP transfers (site-to-site), so you’d probably be stuck downloading your files locally first and then uploading it again… which obviously sucks.

I would recommend a slight change on the above advice. Instead of wasting the server resource to tar up your files and untar them once they’re here at DH, just use FTP (or SFTP) from the DH server to transfer over your files.

First you’ll need to make sure that the user who controls your domain here at DH has ssh access. To do this log into the Panel > Users > Manage Users. click edit across from the user in questoion and then place a check mark to allow ssh (shell) access.

That change will take a few min. to take effect. In the mean time you’ll need a program such as putty to log into the server with. Run putty and log into your domain, using the user/pass you just gave rights to.

first lets move into your website directory. Use the command “cd” to change directory -

next use the program ftp or sftp (which ever you prefer of your old host accepts) that command will look something like


press enter and you should be prompted for your password. the “cd” command will work here to change directory on the remote server. “ls” will list the files in your current directory, and “get” and “mget” will retrieve a single file and multiple files respectively.

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more explanation or if you have problems.

–Matttail - personal website

I have used FXP transfers successfully in the past, both between different DreamHost servers and from a remote (non-DreamHost) server.

I should note that others have reported problems making FXP work, but I don’t recall any special configuration. For me at least, it just worked.


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Could use rsync as well.

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when on DH ssh console just run "mc"
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Midnight commander is excellent :slight_smile:

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