Transferring Existing Email from Godaddy


I’m looking into moving all of my domains, hosting and e-mail from GoDaddy over to Dreamhost. But the one thing that looks like it’s going to be the biggest PITA is e-mail.

I host websites for about 30 different customers. They all use GoDaddy’s free e-mail that comes with the registration of a domain. Most of them are using web-based access to their e-mail, so other than a change of interface, I’m not too worried. BUT… there’s still the issue of migrating over all of their existing e-mail (from the inbox, saved, sent and trash folders). Is this possible? GoDaddy only uses POP3 access, if that matters to an answer.

Also… GoDaddy offers a Windows application called the Desktop Notifier. It’s a TaskTray app that checks the user’s mail account and pops a notification message if new mail has arrived, allowing the user to click the window to instantly launch them into web-based mail. Is there anything like this for Dreamhost e-mail?

Thanks for your help!

Anyone have any thoughts? If I can’t resolve this… I may be forced to stay with GoDaddy. <YIKES!> :smiley: