Transferring email from one server to another

So I’m transferring a site from one server to a dreamhost server. the site has a number of email accounts associated with it. Is there an easy way to transfer all the email over to the new domain and have it be readily accessible to the account-holders? basically if i copy/paste the mail folder everything should be fine once the domain is recognized as pointing to dreamhost, right?

Thanks in advance.

You can try ThunderBird. You can easily transfer all emails from one server to another.

Refer this for more info

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Generally speaking, it’s much easier to configure “account 1” to export via IMAP or POP3, then download to a mail client like thunderbird as suggested above, then reconfigure mail client to new account’s settings then sync/upload mail files to new account.

If you have all the settings configured before hand, the user would experience ~5 mins +/- download time downtime. This is the route I would take since “copy and pasting” mail files can be VERY difficult and tedious. - City Streets

The others that have responded to your post have very valid points, but if you remain interested in doing it “on the server”, you might find this Dreamhost Wiki article on importing email helpful. :slight_smile: Good Luck!


Thanks for the info, guys. Does anyone know anything about using fetchmail to copy email over to a new server?