Transferring Email from GoDaddy to Dreamhost

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ve lost my tether with GoDaddy and have finally setup my domain with Dreamhost. However, I currently have 10 different email accounts active on GoDaddy and want to transfer all of them, including all the past email history etc to Dreamhost. How would I go about doing that? We are all currently using Thunderbird as our mail client except one user using Outlook. Is it possible to just change over the server settings in Thunderbird and hope that it re-syncs all the old emails (received and sent) to Dreamhost automatically?

Thanks guys!


I strongly advise against using Dreamhost for email (their mail service leaves a lot to desired!). If you decide to use Dreamhost the wiki tells you how to trasfer your existing mail:

The bad news is you are going to have to “backup” the data on your accounts at GoDaddy and manually restore the files to your newly created accounts at Dreamhost - your old data wont just transfer over by itself. This could take a long time if your old mail folders are large and contain a large number of emails.
There is a piece of free software that can handle this for you but you will need to learn how to use it properly and of course you need your email accounts at GoDaddy to be active in order to retrieve the old data so don’t cancel with GoDaddy until you have your backups!

The utility I suggest is Mailstore Home Edition.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve actually just added each account using the new Dreamhost settings and then copy over all the emails from the old GoDaddy Inbox to the Dreamhost Inbox and it is populating the server accordingly using IMAP. Seems to be working for INBOX, SENT and DELETED emails correctly. It’s just taking some time for the larger emails for a few users.

This method seems much simpler, it should work, right, or am I missing something important?

Thanks again!