Transferring domain

Okay, so I currently have a domain hosting and registration here, and wanted to transfer a domain which I have at so we have both domains under dreamhost, registration and hosting. Question is which is cheaper keeping the registration for my godaddy domain here, hosting here for the godaddy domain, or both (registration and hosting) here? Any form of evidence or links would be appreciated.

Also, I would like to set it up so that those who go to say will be redirected to because previous visitors to would not be prepared for the switch to a new domain and would prefer to keep both domains, but redirecting the viewer for when they go to to, both under dreamhost. Is there some form of app or premade coding, or will I just have to throw in a simple javascript redirection? Which would be faster as well, because I have seen the javascript redirection takes about a sec or two where you are at a lag before it starts to load, or is that just my internet. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

I think that domain registration here is cheaper, PLUS, you get free WHOIS anonymizing, while GoDaddy charges at least a couple of bucks a year. That alone is reason enough to register here, but I find GoDaddy to be a slimy organization.

For the redirect, there’s already a mechanism in place. If you notice for Manage Domains, when you create a new one, or edit an existing one, you have your choice of Fully Hosted, Mirrored, Redirected, or Parked. Redirect will immediately rewrite the user’s browser URL and send them to the other site.

GoDaddy (GD) is the worse place to register a domain. They charge you for everything, their user interface is poor and full of advertisement, they spam their customers like crazy, and they are expensive. Worse yet their tech support people do not ever understand any issue and reply from pre-canned messages that never even address the issue.

The Dreamhost prices are lower, and the user interface is far superior - especially if you have >1 domain.

I moved 35 of my domains from GD to DH because if these reasons.

In the past 18 months, I also moved about 20 more for clients.

And yes, DH offered redirection in the domain setup (no extra charge)

The choice is clear!