Transferring Domain & Wordpress Test Site

I plan to switch the hosting of an existing HTML site to Dreamhost and it will live at while I work on a new site design.

I’d like to begin working on the test site on Dreamhost ( using Wordpress. Planning to replace the old HTML site with the new WP site in about a month.

I’ve read a number of conflicting posts about the best way to move a development site into production. I did it once before a long time ago, but can’t remember the details. Can someone please help? I’m hoping that I could create just one database so those files don’t have to be moved.

I’d love advice or even links to pertinent discussion forums or Wiki posts. Haven’t been able to find a single good reference.

Yeah one database is all you need. Databases are domain independent.
I think you can just rename folder to
And rename to

The 3 broad steps:

–Change the Wordpress address and site address URL’s in the wordpress admin panel -> Settings -> General

–Rename the domain directories using ftp as the prev poster mentioned. Another way to do this is to change the directory that is served from via the dreamhost panel, but the rename strategy is a lot less confusing after time passes.

–update the database internally. As you develop the site links may be created within the database that point to Those need to be updated. To do that you can use phpmyadmin or there is also a word press plugin that our resident WP guru Ipstenu-DH recommends.