Transferring domain trouble

blogger with wordpress that is merging with another blog.

I have the original domain (A) with dreamhost and have transferred the acquired domain (B) to dreamhost.

Would like the B domain to become the primary so when someone goes to A they are sent to B, but all the archived posts are from the A domain.

When I try to redirect or mirror the domains I get an error message that states: “You can’t add that domain: already in our system”

I am a beginner and believe that I am overlooking something, just can’t figure it out.

Did you do a domain transfer? It sounds lke domain B is still on someone else dreamhost account.

I did the transfer, and can view and edit the domain from my account page.

Listed as registered but not as hosted. When I try to add it I get the aforementioned error message.

open a support ticket via the panel.