Transferring domain to GoDaddy

My domain expires in two days and I’m trying to transfer it to godaddy. When I go to manage my domain on godaddy’s website it says the transfer is expired or declined. Any ideas why? How do I check to see if my dreamhost domain is on hold or locked? Thanks guys

You’re probably going to have to renew it. I don’t think you can do transfers if there’s less than 5 days until it expires, or if it’s been renewed within 60 days.

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If your domain name expires in under 30 days, you will not be able to transfer it. You must renew it with your current registrar.

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considering a transfer can take up to 7 days and your domain expires in 2 then your domain will expire before it gets transferred.

you need to renew it first and then transfer it.

First, make sure your domain is not “locked”. Registrar transfer policies vary from registrars to registrars. I have personally done A LOT of last minute transfers (literally on the last day) successfully; but then again, it depends on either or both the gaining and/or losing registrars. For amateurs, I would suggest leaving at least 10 days to expiry, just to play it safe.

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