Transferring Domain to Dreamhost

Transferring 2 domains to Dreamhost from (Tucow?). I unlocked the domains, received the auth code, punched that in at Dreamhost, and confirmed it on the admin email, so pretty sure that’s all square.

I dont want to simply transfer the name and redirect to the current servers, I want both to be fully hosted, email, website, etc, on Dreamhost.

1: Do I have to do anything special to set it to be fully hosted, or is that default?
2: Am I correct in assuming all emails will bounce after transfer until propogation and setting up all 10 email addresses one by one on the webpanel?

What do you mean by “RL”? Hang on, lemme check wikipedia…

If I were you, I would setup the exsisting email accounts in your new DH account, and then you shouldn’t miss out on any email. Granted you may have to check your old email host for the last remaining email, but as long as you have the name servers, and the domain setup correctly with DH, and the email addresses setup with DH, you shouldn’t have any bounce.

By default, nothing is setup automatically. This is best-practice because scripts can’t be sure how or what you’re going to do with your domain names so they leave it up to you. Log into your Panel and add, then set your domains to be fully hosted at:

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains >[/color] [color=#0000CC]Add New Domain[/color]

That’s correct. You’ll need to setup those email accounts as a priority after you’ve added the domains.

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Mail > Manage Email >[/color] [color=#0000CC]Create New Email Address[/color]

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