Transferring Domain to Dreamhost

I’m very interested in signing up for Dreamhost. This looks like a great host and group of customers.

I registered a domain at Godaddy 26 days ago. To transfer my domain, however, Dreamhost is telling me I have to wait 60 days until after I register it.

My website is new and I want to switch to Dreamhost so my domain isn’t just a redirect (I’m using a free host right now that will only let me host one domain). Google doesn’t seem interested in indexing my redirect.

So what should I do. My domain is a .com. I could register the same domain as a .net and use that one but then that would mean I would have to start all over again with my marketing and getting people to link to me if I wanted Google to rank the domain higher. Also, doesn’t Google rank .com domains higher than all the others?

Godaddy has let me change my domain servers in the past before 60 days was up in the past. Could I just register a new domain with Dreamhost when I sign up, transfer my .com domain, and use it as my “default” domain?

All that you need to do is switch your DNS to point at dreamhost. That way when someone goes to they will get your data from dreamhost. That’s not a forward or anything. When you point your DNS to dreamhost, that means that when a computer asks for it gets the ip address for dreamhost.

Transfering your domain would mean that dreamhost would be the registrar. You’d pay them every year or whatever for keeping your domain. There is no need to transfer your domain to dreamhost. You can keep it at godaddy for ever and it won’t make a bit of difference. If you want to transfer it to dreamhost, you can do so - but you’ll have to wait the 60 days for this one like support said.

Does that make sense


I’ve noticed that Google is quite quick lately at indexing my sites, assuming they have at least some inbound links. One new site had some pages in the Google index within 10 days.

On a related topic; I recently did a 301 redirect for a renamed page and Google quickly deleted the old page from the index, but the new page didn’t show up for a few weeks.

As for Google having a .com preference, I don’t believe this is the case. The only real reason I can see for a .com, in preference to a .net (or whatever), would be that many users tend to try .com before any others when manually typing in your site URL.


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Yep there’s probably no difference but who really knows for sure is Google. It’s the content on the site that matters.

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There’s no need to transfer any domains to Dreamhost as the registrar in order to host them there; my domains are registered elsewhere and hosted at Dreamhost (without needing a redirect).

I don’t think there is any preference for .com domains by Google; why should there be? One of the best-indexed sites is Wikipedia, which is at a .org domain. My own sites, in .info domains, are well indexed in their topics.

– Dan