Transferring domain registration and hosting

I am taking over responsibility for a domain that is registered and hosted elsewhere, and want it registered and hosted on DreamHost. The current owner has said they will agree to the transfer when asked by their current registrar and host.

The Dreamhost instructions at say (among other things) that:

“You should do any nameserver changes (e.g. to, etc) before transferring!”

But this can only be done by the current owner, and I don’t want to bother them with it.

It is OK with me if the website doesn’t work at all for a few days. (It isn’t working currently because the hosting has expired but not the domain name). Is that the only problem that will occur if I don’t do the “nameserver changes” before the transfer? Or will not doing the “nameserver changes” have some other consequences?

You need not change the nameservers - it is a help to avoid downtime, which is not relevant for you.

Thank you.