Transferring domain names within dreamhost

I registered a new account for my brother who will now be playing with all the domain names I have and such. I did use a promo code because it is not for me. When i go under add domain it says the domain is already in the system, and basically, I can’t.

Now, the question is, how do I add a domain to the new host that I own but is on another host account within dreamhost?


That’s been asked before, but I don’t remember ever seeing an answer. If it’s in the Wiki, I don’t see it. You’re talking about moving the hosting, but leaving the registration as is, right?

My guess is that support would have to do it if you didn’t want downtime.

You could back it up, delete it, then re-add it to the other account – but sometimes, the records don’t flush right out, so you might have a little downtime. If I did it that way, I would instantly send support a ticket asking them to flush the domain from the old account, just in case it takes awhile.

I’ve removed domains and INSTANTLY added them back… but I also had one that was still stuck in there months after removing it… which is why I’d send the ticket.

Maybe there’s some trick with users/groups that allows a slicker way of doing it… but I don’t know. Maybe someone that has actually needed to do it before will chime in.

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Mike, the only time I have had to do that I wrote to tech support asking how to accomplish it, and they replied that they (tech support) would need do it “manually”.


That’s what I figured, for zero downtime at least-- and now there’s a written record of the official answer here. :wink:

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you just have to email the people…i’m emailing the guy right now. They have improved their response rate considerably!

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Go to this link:

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