Transferring Domain Hosting and Registration to new account


Hello, I have questions about transferring my website and e mail domain hosting and domain registration from one DH account to a new account that I will create. I’ve read this article that I found in another community post but I require some clarification as I have a limited understanding of how all this works.

My website was created in WordPress and the website and my e mail accounts are currently hosted under my ex-wife’s DH account which I have no login access to. She and I are still in communication and what I would like to do is create my own DH account and have everything transferred to my account so I can manage it myself. Also, the above mentioned article doesn’t seem to indicate how to also transfer the domain registration.

Based on the article’s step by step instruction of first creating a new account, creating a subdomain, backing up all my files (which option do I use? FTP, Backup All?), etc, etc, other than me creating the new account, are these things that she would need to do to get everything transferred? What I really want to do is have the domain registration transferred so I don’t loose my domain name and e mail accounts and then I can create a new website using some method that is not as complex as WordPress. I can get in to WordPress and edit the text content of the web page but that’s about the limit of my expertise in WordPress.

Any reference to additional instruction would be appreciated. Thank you.



Please check out this article for help:

Domain registration between one DreamHost account to the other is the same as transferring your domain from another registry.

You will need to make sure that the following happens on the old account

  1. Turn off any Whois privacy
  2. Unlock the domain for transfer
  3. Get the transfer/EPP code.

Then on your new account you will need to request the transfer under “Domains” > “Reg. Transfer” in the panel.

I hope this info helps but if you require any additional assistance let us know.


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