Transferring Domain and Registration


I’m probably going to be transferring one of my domains to a friend who has more time to maintain the site.

I looked around on here for tips on this sort of situation but I still have a couple of questions:

  1. Is the modify whois the only thing I have to do for giving him the domain registration? And just to confirm, when that sort of thing gets transferred, the first owner’s billing details and whatnot remain private, correct?

  2. Do I just drop the hosting and then he has to add the domain on his end or are there other steps on my end?

  3. I think he’s also on Dreamhost. I’ve seen questions about promo codes with transfers between accounts on the forum - I haven’t the foggiest clue whether he used one or not, I just know that I didn’t. Should we still just get support to handle the transfer?

  4. What information do I need from him to do the transfer? Just his DH username if he has one, or do I need to fill out the entire contact information form that comes up with modify whois?

  5. Anything else I’m missing?



  1. Your friend will need to initiate a transfer for your domain registration. He’ll also need the Auth Code shown in your Reg. Transfer list, which is the screen that includes the Initiate Transfer routine.

2&3) Only Support can transfer a hosted domain between users here, and only if the destination user isn’t set up on a plan that’s discounted with a promo code. Submit a Support ticket to initiate the hosting transfer.

  1. You just need his web panel login ID, which is his e-mail address.

  2. Nope. Those are the two pieces. I’m not sure if DreamHost will copy the data over to the new user or if they’ll just set up an empty Fully Hosted domain for him. In either case, be sure that you back up any and all data you ultimately plan on transferring.


Awesome - thanks Scott!