Transferring Domain and Hosting to DreamHost from 1&1

I have a client who has been using for their website which may be okay for somebody who is doing their own website, but its a nightmare for me.

I’m trying to get them on to DreamHost, but not sure if I understand the transfer process because of the way 1&1 is set up.

Has anybody done the transfer and can you help me out?



It’s not hard. basic steps:

1-- build site here using a mirror
2-- when you are ready to switch over, on the 1and1 side change the nameservers to dreamhosts which are

3-- optionally before the next domain renewal you could transfer the domain to dreamhost as far as the registrar goes, or simply leave that alone and renew it at 1and1

Additional infor for #1 above:

Is it a wordpress site your bring over or something else? Are they on a linux or windows server over there?
the more you tell the more specific we can be…

I did the mirror and currently waiting for it to get set up.

Then I get stuck changing the nameservers. Their help section is current with the way their site works. Is this where I’m supposed to do it?

Domain OVerview > Edit Domain Settings > Mail Exchanger (MX-Record): > select other mail server radio button > enter namerservers under MX 1 / Prio, MX 2 / Prio, and MX 3/ Prio?

It is not Wordpress now but I will be making it Wordpress.

Pretty sure they are on Windows.

I don’t think you want a section that deals with MX records only…

A quick google finds this

I saw that and tried to follow it but when I click ‘edit’ on ‘Name Server Settings’ I get a different set up.

I don’t have the radio buttons under the first section or the drop down list on the second.

I think this touches on my issue, but I need to do more investigating to get the fix still. I have the Web space )web1234567) problem, but not sure which one.
YES!!! I think I got it. Changed the nameservers and it says its updating.

Will continue on with the wiki help when finished.

I just did this yesterday.

On 1and1 you change the name servers as follows:

  1. Start > Domains & Web Space
  2. Domains
  3. Select checkbox of domain to edit (left of domain name)
  4. Click DNS dropdown box and choose edit DNS
  5. Choose “My Name Server” from Name Server drop down
  6. Add the DH nameserver URLs and click okay.