Transferring an Email Account and Old Messages

I’m transferring a domain and hosting from Bluehost to Dreamhost. There is an email account that I keep with the domain that has a bunch of old emails that I would prefer to keep on the server rather than downloading them to a client. Does anyone know if there is a way to transfer the old email messages from the account at Bluehost to the account at Dreamhost?

If they use IMAP too it should be easy.

First off, if you use an IMAP client that supports muiltple accounts, you should be able to simply drag and drop from one account to another! Well at least I can with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Or if you want to forego using a GUI client you can use a command line utility called “mailutil” if you logon to shell:[machine]$ mailutil usage: mailutil check [-debug] [-verbose] [mailbox] ;; report number of messages and new messages mailutil create [-debug] [-verbose] new_mailbox ;; create new mailbox mailutil delete [-debug] [-verbose] mailbox ;; delete existing mailbox mailutil rename [-debug] [-verbose] source destination ;; rename mailbox to a new name mailutil (copy | move) [-debug] [-verbose] old_mailbox new_mailbox ;; create new mailbox and copy/move messages mailutil (append | appenddelete) [-debug] [-verbose] source destination ;; copy/move messages to existing mailbox mailutil prune [-debug] [-verbose] mailbox search_criteria ;; prune mailbox of messages matching criteria mailutil transfer [-debug] [-verbose] [-merge mode] source destination ;; make copy of source hierarchy to destination ;; -merge modes are prompt, append, or suffix=xxxxUm, assuming you have an “INBOX” at BlueHost with messages you want to add to any that already exist with your “INBOX” at DreamHost, this might work right away:

mailutil append -verbose "{[b]source mailserver[/b]/user=[b]source username[/b]}INBOX" {[b]dest mailserver[/b]/user=[b]dest username[/b]/novalidate-cert}INBOX"Replace the words in bold with the appropiate data.
What it does is then basically the same thing Thunderbird would do. It logs into both servers and copies the messages. For the DreamHost server though it ignores the fact that the DreamHost server certificate uses the * instead of your domain. I don’t know if you will need to do the same for Blue Host. For reference, see Mailbox Name Conventions

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