Transferring actual content to dreamhost

After a really frustrating experience with hosting (which is not the same thing as the iWeb I’ve seen other people talking about), I’m trying to transfer my domain & all my content over to DreamHost.

The problem is that I apparently don’t know how to transfer the actual “meat” of my site from one to the other.

I already had with iweb, but I went ahead and registered because I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it. Thanks to iweb my site had already been shut down for a week, so I thought maybe I could get it back up on the .net while the domain registration transferred.

Long story short: I downloaded iweb’s “full backup” file. I uploaded it to the .net via net2ftp but when I tried to unzip it, the site appeared to freeze. (It sat on “20%” for over fifteen minutes.) I unzipped the file on my computer and uploaded all the contents via FileZilla. Now, going to the .net shows you a list of the files I uploaded…but nothing actually works.

I’m new to this and apparently making it more difficult than the wiki makes it seem. Please help!!!

Also: I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but I finally got the DNS servers changed & authorization code from iweb, so I filled out the form with DreamHost to transfer my .com – I went through it charging my paypal (and received the receipt), but my account panel is showing that I have no pending registration transfers. Is it just too soon (I only did it a few hours ago) or do I need to contact DreamHost?

DNS propagation will probably take around 3 hours (they always say 24hrs - 3 days for worst-case scenarios) so until then your browser is probably trying to get content from the old server still. The domain transfer will take longer, but won’t affect your site if the DNS at the old host is already pointed to DreamHost.

WebFTP / net2ftp are made for quick&nasty downloads/uploads or quick, simple editing of files. When doing major work or uploading entire backups it’s always good practice to use a standalone FTP client - and do it in SFTP mode.

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