Transferring Account

A friend and I started a website last year with DreamHost as the hosting company. He was the one with the DreamHost account and everything is in his name. However, he is moving and will no longer be able to work with the site, so I need all of this transferred to me. I am not currently a member at DreamHost and I don’t want to have to pick a hosting package to buy when I just want to continue our current package. What can I do to transfer this over to me?

Do you have full access to the account? If so, I’d contact support with your question through the panel.

I imagine that as long as he’s the one initiating the transfer of name of the account, you’ll be fine.

I’m interested in the answer to this question as well so if you do find out the definitive answer from support I’d appreciate it if you could post it back here!

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