Transferring Account Ownership


I recently registered an LLC , and am working to transfer all my online projects from my name to that of my company.

Does anyone know how to change my DH account and all domains to the LLC information? I wasn’t able to find it in the control panel.

Thanks in advance.

There’s been a lot of threads about transferring ownership in the last couple days. Generally speaking, a domain can only belong to one account on DH EVER… so I would suggest setting up a new user with full access and authorize permissions from the control panel for all of your domains. At that point you can change the billing information to your new entity and basically move on from there. This would also leave your primary account name as the “admin” so to speak. - City Streets

Or you could just change your panel contact information as you wish (the “Edit Profile” button in the top-right of the panel), and do the same for your domains’ contact information. Unless there’s some additional change you need made, in which case support can take care of it for you.
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