Transferring a .pro domain to Dreamhost

I know Dreamhost does not register .pro or .tv domains, but I was wondering if I can register somewhere else then transfer the registration to Dreamhost for hosting. Pretty straightforward, but does anyone know the answer?

I have read through some of the posts here based on a search, but was not able to find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

No, we can’t hold registrations for any domains that aren’t under the com/net/org/info TLDs. Can’t register 'em, can’t transfer 'em.

Okay. Thanks.

but it’s still possible to host with dreamhost even though the name is registered elsewhere, isn’t it? or DH nameservers can’t handle them either?

Correct, the domain registration doesn’t need to be with us to host the domain.

I have a about 9 domains all hosted on DH - 8 of the domains are not registered with them… the only one that is was the freebie when i joined…

just need to change the nameservers on your registrar…

So I can transfer a .pro domain to dreamhost and dreamhost will host it alongside my other .com domains?

No, as I mentioned earlier, we cannot hold registrations for domains that aren’t under .com, .net, .org, or .info.

Okay. I won’t make you tell me a third time ; ) Do you have any recommendations on where to host that domain? I love Dreamhost, so it would be great to find another host like Dreamhost that does .pro hosting. Thanks in advance.

Dreamhost CAN’T hold the registration for .pro (or or 101 other domains)
Dreamhost CAN host the web-sites for them…

i have 9 domains, 8 of which are registered via 123reg, 7 of these are’s and i changed the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.etc
then you set up domain through “Manage Domains -> Add New Domain ->” and dreamhost will host the domain BUT the registrar holds the actual domain registration… not dreamhost

does that make any more sense?

Thank you dgparryuk. Also thanks to Ben. The misunderstanding came from me missing the point that registration and hosting are completely separate. That may seem obvious, but Dreamhost makes the process so seamless with .com and others that I did not understand the difference. I am now hosting my .pro on Dreamhost. Thanks.