Transferring a .dk (Denmark) domain to Dreamhost?

!! Are you hosting a .dk domain? Let me know!! See below…

Hi all,
I’ve got a .dk domain that I want to host with Dreamhost. To transfer the domain, I need to go through an online form at where I fill in the DNS name or IP for the new DNS hosts. When I do this, DK Hostmaster tells me that the hosts aren’t registered - meaning that DK Hostmaster has not allowed Dreamhost to host .dk domain names.

Dreamhost Support tells me that they are hosting several other Danish domains already, and that means that these must have /some/ valid DNS entry. If you’re hosting a .dk domain, please tell me the domain name so I can look up what DNS you are using; then with luck I can use the same and successfully transfer my domain to Dreamhost.

These two posts suggest using – but are these still valid, and what happens if I try and they don’t work? and

They’ll work, but the default for new zones is to use ns(1-3), so the values returned by our nameservers won’t match those from dk.'s servers (I can change that on a case by case basis if it becomes necessary).

If I recall correctly, dk. actually requires a fee for host registration, which has always seemed silly to me.They’re the only country which has this requirement. The dutch registry requires that you allow zone transfers to them which is also kind of annoying, but at least you don’t have to pay them to register your nameservers with them.

They have been extremely unhelpful and unflexible about this requirement in the past.

For the sake of completeness, let me note what the status is on this: It turns out that the DK Hostmaster doesn’t have the (etc) names registered, and since they need to be registered before a .dk domain can be hosted there, these names can’t be used. - They’re not registered because DK Hostmaster is the only hostmaster in the world to charge money for registering, and Dreamhost isn’t interested.

Solution: Instead of (etc), the OLD host names should be used:
– These are registered and they work.

Before I can redelegate my domain to these DNS hosts, I must first add the domain to Dreamhost’s servers:
Once this is done (once my .dk domain name is registered with Dreamhost), then I can redelegate the domain with DK Hostmaster. They do a reverse lookup and they won’t accept the redelegation request unless they can see that the new host ( already has the domain listed.

All DK Hostmaster requests are via the web and fully automated. They do have a phone number, and if you’re patient (waiting in line) and friendly (to the operator) then you’ll get fine service.

I’m now just waiting for things to be updated all around and hope to see my domain redelegated soon.

– a happy-hopeful Dane

Please do ping me (via the support queue) and have me set the nameservers in the zone to ns(1,2)

I just sent off a response to the support emails we’ve been throwing back and forth; I think that’s what you mean. I also typed the previous post here for other users to find if they ever need it.