Transferring a - auth code?


Hi All,

I’ve looked on various forums (including this one) to get an answer. I’m trying to transfer a domain name from a UK host (who isn’t being very helpful) to dreamhost. I’ve updated the TAG for the domain on nominet to PDR-IN and the previous registrar has apparently released the domain name.

However, I don’t have an authorization code. I read on a forum that I would get it in an auth code similar (but not the same as an EPP code) in the notification email. I didn’t. What the registrar change email confirmation says is:

Which suggests that there is no auth code needed. But you can’t complete the domain transfer form on the dream host control panel with out an auth code.

Question is, is that just a bug on the control panel form given that is new to dreamhost or do I need to call my previous registrar and get a code of some kind (they’ve not responded to an email)




To transfer in your dotUK domain, you’ll need to do the following:
[] At your old registrar, initiate the transfer process, and provide them our IPS Tags (PDR-IN) as where to transfer the domain to.
] In a few hours time, you should receive a security code from our UK registration provider.
[] With this new code in hand, go to the “Domain > Reg. Transfer” page in our panel, and process the domain registration transfer.
] Enter this new security code in the “Auth Code” field.


I have exactly the same problem. The registrant has changed the tag but claims not to have received an auth code. When I request the domain, even though the registrar is now the publicdomainregistry (corresponding to IPSTAG PDR-IN) I get a generic ‘transfer failed’ message from Dreamhost. Contacting the support team I find that the error is “ERROR: Authentication failed - No records found matching the claim made.”

The old registrant claims that no code is required for .uk domains, which seems to be correct. This is all very frustrating. The domain transfer process for .uk domains doesn’t seem to be very well designed.