Transfering wiki site


My friend has decided to abandon the wiki site he created. He has agreed to let me take it over when the domain expires. He already pulled the site down and gave me a CD containing everything in the root directory of the site (including all sub folders, SQL database, etc.).

What do I need to do to get this thing setup using the copy of the original site he gave me? I’m assuming it probably won’t function properly if I just transfer all the files.


First off, create a mysql database and import the sql file into it to create the tables and information. Then edit the configuration files to point to the new database. A cheap way to ensure everything works would be to do a clean install of the wiki, then put the information into the database (i’m sure there would be some way to just add the info but you won’t kill anything if you just dropped all of the tables and imported the sql file to it) and then upload the original files (but be sure to change the configuration stuff to the actual database and domain name). I’ve not ever used wikis but in theory what I’ve said should work…

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