Transfering phpbb to dreamhost

Hello, i am quite new to php and dreamhost. I have exported my php from my old host, but how can i import it to dreamhost ? i cannot find any phpmyadmin panel/link

Any help appreciated!


You can access phpmyadmin by going into your webpanel and accessing: Goodies > MySQL and then clicking on the database you want to work with.

That seems fine! but how do i import a database i am carrying over from my old host ?


Once your database has been setup, you can get to phpmyadmin by going to the db’s url, eg

Or you can login to SSH and import your db by typing
mysql -h -u username -pPASSWORD db_to_import_to < backup_file.sql
(you’d have to be in the same location as your backup_file in this instance)
Note that the password is next to the -p switch.