Transfering my site


I have been developing a web page for about a month now, building links, promoting across the internet… And I HATE to do it, but I need to transfer it to a new domain… That will eventually be better for my seo ranking…

Anywho, I’m afraid that the site I’ve been working on for so long will be erased once I redirect it, how do I ensure it is completely transferred to the new domain without losing anything?!

Also, is there a way to get my old links on Facebook, etc. updated? Or will I need to do everything manually, along with changing pictures URL links within my site etc.

Seems like a lot bigger deal than I realized…

Thanks for any and all help!


Transfering to


please look into 301 redirects


I have 4 domains and couldn’t stand anymore time outs and inaccessibility from my old host. I HAD to make the switch to Dreamhost. My advice to you is to do the move in stages.

  1. Back up your entire site, including your database.
  2. Sign up with Dreamhost.
  3. Create a mirror.
  4. Upload all of your website and create a database.
  5. Work on the site here until you have it just right.
  6. When you’re sure you’ve got everything working - cancel your hosting account at the other host.
  7. Enjoy Dreamhost!