Transfering mails...but where are they?

Hi folks,

Sorry if this is trivial (or if I’ve destroyed the internet), but I just signed up here today and am having some issues migrating IMAP mail from my old host.

I’ve set up a mail account here, and can read/send via Thunderbird. And I’ve started moving mails over both via Thunderbird and IMAPsize. But where do the actual mails go? My Maildir and subfolders are empty, although I have no problem seeing them in Thunderbird.


New users don’t have a corresponding Maildir for their standard email address ( They used to, but this changed in the past year. That Maildir in your home directory is for your UNIX (shell) account, and corresponds to

Your Maildir is in a secret location somewhere at DreamHost.


aha, thanks Scott.

So I guess, if I can see the stuff from a mail client, then it’s working.

But without actual access to a Maildir, I guess it’s not possible to do things like sftping mails from server to server? I’d prefer to do something like that rather than using my local machine as a go-between. But I wouldn’t know where to put the mails on this side…