Transfering maildirs

I am moving users on a handful of domains from another provider to dreamhost. I have tarballs of the users’ maildirs (same format that DH uses), and I need to move them here.

This is no problem for shell/FTP accounts, I just unpack them and I’m good to go. I cannot, however, find a way to get the maildirs to the right places for email-only accounts. I haven’t tried to su to one of the mNNNNNN accounts, but I don’t particularly imagine it would work.

With the number of accounts I need, I could plausably set them all up as FTP, but I do not prefer this solution.

Is there another way?


I usually recommend doing it by setting up both IMAP accounts in one email application and just copying the mail over that way. There is no shell access to the mailbox only users at all.

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Thank you.

I think I will go with the FTP solution. I do not want to delegate this to my users and I do not trust MUA to do it correctly, especially given that some mailboxes are >1gig.

I think an import utility that took a .tar.gz and simply unpacked it as the deafult maildir would be most excellent for the panel.

Thanks again.

Our support team could handle the unpacking of the .tar.gz files if there aren’t too many of them as well. If you’d like to go that route, just send in a support message telling us where to find the files and where to put them.

That is a good idea for the web panel, though I think most people don’t actually know enough about about tar, gzip, or Maildirs to make much use of it.

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