Transfering domains

OK. Speak slow so I can understand… :wink:

I want to transfer a domain name from my godaddy account to my dreamhost account. step by step, please tell me what I need to do! thanks. :slight_smile:

The wiki has a great explanation of this in excruciating detail:

The only difference since you already have an account is that you initiate the transfer through the DreamHost control panel under Domains>>Reg. Transfer.

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FYI, you do not have to transfer to domain to DH. You can just point the domain to DH by chaning the DNS to ns3.dreamhost

After the propogating is finished, you can simply go to DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add new / sub domain

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Correct and if you transfer the domain it will be an additional year you will have to pay on the domain. (Either with the free domain that DH provides or with a $9.99 fee)

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if you’re using godaddy’s whois privacy service (something dreamhost provides free, but godaddy charges $10/year for), you need to cancel that before you can transfer your domain.

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