Transfering Domains to DreamHost

Hi Guys,

I signed up with your promo code for 1 year of hosting. I paid only $22.40, which is almost FREE. Thank you!

I also have 4-5 other domains. How do I transfer them to DreamHost and how much does transfer cost?




Regarding transferring the other domains, you have two choices:

  1. Completely transfer the domains to DreamHost. This means that DreamHost will be both the host for these sites as well as the registrar for the addresses. You do this in the DreamHost control panel at “Domains>>Reg. Transfer”. When you do so you will be required to renew the domains for an extra year at $9.95. Remember that technically, this transfer is free even though you have to pay $9.95 because DreamHost will actually extend your registration of those domains for another year.
  2. Leave the registration where it is now permanently or just until it’s close to renewal time, but start hosting these domains at DreamHost now. To do this, you first need to go over to your registrar and change the nameservers for the domains to:

Then, in the DreamHost control panel, you use the screen “Domains>>Manage Domains” to “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” for each of the domains you want to host at DreamHost.

After 12-72 hours, those domains will be hosted at DreamHost!

If there is old content that you need to move over, let us know and I’m sure we’ll be able to help!


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and most of time, people just host the domain in DH. Just change the DNS names as Lensman mentioned.

Be notice that you still need to add the domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add New Domain/Sub Domain after you change the DNS names

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I’ve been with another hosting reseller for about 7 years and have several dozen domains with content (my stuff and a couple small business websites).

I am getting a little frustrated with my current hosting company and am paying more for about 1/10 the space. It’s been tough.

My question is: what is the best plan to do a switch like this? Is there any easy way? Do I just need to mirror the sites for awhile (download – upload) and then switch DNS info?

I’m curious is there is another way – or rather a way to do the switch without downtime. The Dreamhost culture seems like a lot of fun.

Also, does the dreamhost panel compare to the Cpanel/WHP derivative? Does it contain script collections like Magnifico?



Set up a hosting account at DH, set up the domains in the panel, tar up your sites’ content, transfer it to your DH hosting, test it with a mirror, and when you’ve got it working, flip the DNS! I can’t say whether it will be easy, but there shouldn’t be any significant downtime.

The DH panel is unique. I like it, but I don’t have a whole lot of experience with cPanel and the like. DH offers one-click installs, which include phpBB, MediaWiki, WordPress, and Joomla!; of course, you have an unlimited number of databases, so you can install all sorts of applications.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

I’ve a little experience with CPanel. At the begging of this year i got a domain with a little hosting plan from a provider within my country just for fun beside having some experience and basically i use the domain for Google Apps(custom email). But i like DreamHost panel much more. Its unique. Its beautiful yet powerful and featured.

[quote] Which plan to choose
You said you’ve dozens of sites including small business sites. So i guess you’ve atleast a medium-big space and bandwidth need. You can count yourself how much space and traffic you’ll need regarding how you need now. Always remember(i think you do) that your space and bandwidth need is increasing everyday. Therefore you maintain business sites(wheather small,medium or big). So you’ve to think the future needs in advance. If your necessity of space and bandwidth is near to ‘crazy domain insane’ plan i think you can get the ‘code monster’ plan. Because at this time there’s a 50% discount offer with this plan. Again if you pay for two years in advance you’ll get more 20% discount. So using a $97(if you want discount instead of extra valuable features) promo code you can get the plan @ approx. $190 for first two years. In my sense its the perfect plan for you now,unless you need more bigger plan.

You can do this through getting a subdomain at the first time. Then transfer your old files to DH. After your site is up and running then setup your domains.

You can either transfer your domains to DH or keep them on present register and just host with DH. See above posts for details about this. Good luck.

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You should watch out if you have web applications like WordPress that use MySQL. You shouldn’t worry because it’s definitely doable, but there are just more steps. :slight_smile:

I have hosting both a DreamHost and a host that does have cPanel and Fantastico. There are a couple of apps that Fantastico has that DreamHost doesn’t, but then you could always install those yourself manually. If you’re interested in looking into a cPanel host, send me a PM and I can let you know of a couple I think provide good value and features. But really I’d focus on which apps your need. I mean, if you need a blog and you like WordPress, you don’t really need the other 3 or 4 that Fantastico provides.

You can do a switch without downtime if your users don’t interact with your site because you can have both your old host and your new host have identical content during the DNS propagation period. But as you can imagine, it is pretty difficult to do this if users are entering comments and placing orders on both sites at the same time.

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