Transfering domains between dreamhost accounts

I have two dreamhost accounts, one was purchased using the “777” crazy domain insane sale. The other was purchased more recently, and therefore has much more time left on it. My question is this:

I have two domains being hosted on the “777” account and they are about to run out. I’d like to move those two domains onto my newer account with dreamhost. How would I go about this? Is there a fee?

Any help would be appreciated.

the fee seems to be a renew of the account, if you’re talking about moving a domain, between dreamhost accounts, if its all hosted on the same plan you don’t need to do anything for it

It’s two different accounts. I want to move a domain from one dreamhost account to the other… How do I do it? How much does it cost?

G’day, mackzach. I think you will need to contact DH Support on this one.