Transfering domain to my Dreamhost account

I have a .us domain that I want to transfer to my Dreamhost account. I have the web page set up under a placeholder domain, all set to go.

The root domain handles email for myself, and a sub domain points to my webspace.

The domain was automatically renewed at the start of November by the current registrar. I’d prefer not to pay for it again, since I’ve got 11 months left on it, though I’ll move the domain to Dreamhost when it’s time to renew. But I can’t find a way to request the transfer without doing that, which is rather annoying. (I can specify a frame redirect or a HTTP redirect at the current registrar, but neither of those seems to be what I want.) Also, the Dreamhost documentation at says that I can’t transfer if it was registered/renewed within 60 days, but doesn’t say why, or how to get around that.

My site is down at my current provider for various reasons, and I’d really rather not wait until January to actually complete the move.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


DreamHost isn’t a .us registrar, but you can host .us sites here. I use directNIC for my .us domains.

All you need to do to host it here is tell your .us registrar to use the DreamHost name servers.

OK, so I’ve found which seems to tell me what I need.[hr]
Thanks, sdayman. Between the two links, I think I’m sorted out. It would be useful to add that sort of information, or links to it, to the original wiki link, for people who don’t want or can’t use Dreamhost as a registrar.