Transfering domain to dreamhost dns servers

im trying to change the dns info of a domain registered with earthlink so it will be hosted on dreamhost. i went to the earthlink control panel and they have a dns editor that has me confused as to what information to enter. it looks like this:

localhost -> ->
www ->
ftp ->
pop ->

heres a link to the screenshot:

im not sure what information i should enter for localhost,, or in the ftp section. all my domains say ftp is (on orbital)


Do you intend to keep Earthlink for mail?

Because if not, it might make sense to see if you can change the nameservers for your domain to the DreamHost nameservers. That way you’ll do everything from the DreamHost control panel, which just a little bit easier than managing the DNS on Earthlink and the web hosting on DreamHost.

Actually, even if so I would probably make the switch of nameservers anyway.

There should be another panel at Earthlink to manage the nameservers.

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yea im going to setup her email on dreamhost, just not sure what numbers/values to enter for all the rest of the dns editor?

The easiest thing to do in that situation is to change her nameservers over to, and This enables you to use the DreamHost control panel to manage the DNS entries for the domain.

Another possible choice in the “easy” category is to change the actual domain registration over to DreamHost. DreamHost makes you renew the domain for a year when you do this, so you’ll have to pony up the $9.95 for that if you choose to do it that way.

Finally, the straightforward-but-not-as-easy-as-the-easy-way way is to add the domain to the DreamHost control panel as a managed domain and then to copy over the IP address from the DreamHost DNS page for that domain to the and ftp entries. As you mention, you should also copy over the mail server entry from the DreamHost panel to the Earthlink panel. Note that you’ll have to update the IP address manually should it ever change at DreamHost.

The WWW entry can be left as-is (though I personally think it is potentially as smidgen slower in theory though not in practice in your case for reasons I won’t bore you with).

Not sure what the localhost entry is for (testing, maybe?), but I’d guess it’s safe to leave it as-is.

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