Transfering domain to another registrar

How do I go about doing this? I would like to switch my registrar to godaddy. Thank you.

Might I suggest you actually go to and take a look?

It took me about 3 seconds to find:

I have same problem. I want to transfer my domain to GoDaddy, but I received an email today from them:

The administrative contact for the following domain name(s)
has DECLINED your request to transfer the domain(s), or did
not respond to our request to confirm the transfer:


The administrative contact listed by the current registrar
is .

If you feel you have received this message in error,
you may contact Customer Service at

This message was generated automatically. Please respond
using the Customer Service email address provided above.


The domain name is already expired with DreamHost. What can I do?

Does DreamHost even have control of the domain anymore. I would contact tech support.

But first, do a whois ( to make sure DreamHost still has control of the domain.
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I guess the question is: who is the Admininstrative Contact for that domain??

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