Transfering Domain - Keeping E-mail

Hi there. I’m super new and really bad at host / registrar ‘stuff’.

My domain is currently with iPowerWeb…and I THINK I’ve figured out how to transfer the registrar to be DH.

But, here’s my question…I use Yahoo Small Business as my e-mail system (used to use their Sitebuilder for my site). I’m not sure what e-mail system I’ll be able to use after I transfer my domain (the domain name address currently points to Yahoo) and I’m wondering if I switch my domain (including the domain name address) will I lose access to all my e-mails and e-mail addresses? I’m just super paranoid about losing them so I haven’t quite gone that final step of transfering it…even though I have less than 2 weeks until it expires.

Help! I appreciate any assistance you can give. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Transfering registrars doesn’t have anything to do with where your domain is physically pointed, though you may have some intermittent downtime while the new registrar resolves.

Now, changing the nameservers is something else entirely. And yes, you probably will lose your email if you don’t take steps to back it up.

If your email is all POP3, then it’s already on your local computer as soon as you read it, so really you’d just have to worry about your email in the downtime before the domain starts resolving to DH.

If it’s IMAP, that’s more problematic. Here’s what I did. I had a second domain, so I set up email addresses for all my existing email addressses on the second domain. Then using your mail client, connect to both IMAP servers. You can drag and drop your email from the old server to the new server. Then, once your old domain is resolving to DH, repeat the process in reverse. (ie, set up your email addresses and copy your email from the second domain back to the original one that should be resolving to the new server.)

I hope that helps.

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