Transfering DNS

I am trying to transfer my site from Earthlink to Dreamhost and my issue arises when I make the submission for the DNS change, my in house server is unable to accept emails anymore. I’m trying to figure out what I need to change on my server, and I’m figuring it has something to do with my POP3 settings etc. Could some please help me so my email does not go down once I submit the DNS change.

Any help or leads are appreciated.

Your e-mail will go down during a DNS change. The trick is to recover from the outage in the mean time. I would suggest that you set a forwarder to forward your email to go to another account, like Gmail, etc., so anything that goes to Earthlink will arrive somewhere. And set up your domain and mail accounts at DreamHost before you start the DNS change.

Email that thinks you’re still at Earthlink will get forwarded to your Gmail account, and email that thinks you’re at DreamHost will go to your new DreamHost mailbox.

Do you need your email to work in order to do the DNS transfer?


what about any of my server settings? I don’t think the email is that big of a deal but is there anything else on my server that I need to configure?

At DreamHost, you need to set up two things:

  1. Web server: in the Panel, go to Domains->Manage Domains and create a Fully Hosted Domain.
  2. Email: in the Panel, go to Mail -> Manage Email and create your address(es).

Go to the panel to Users -> Manage Users to see which machine your FTP user is on. Then you can FTP to and upload your site. If your site uses a database, then you’ll have to create that from the panel as well.