Transfering a site+domain between DH accounts

Hi all,

For a few months I’ve had a been hosting a website with a domain name under a friend’s DreamHost account - he set up a username on his account and sliced me off some space.

It’s been running fine and dandy, but since I want to have my own space, I’ve gone and signed up to DreamHost myself. My first choice of username was taken, due to the user in my friend’s account, but apart from that everything has been set up smoothly.

I’d like to transfer the site and domain from the friend’s account to my own, but have no idea how to go about this. I wanted to take advantage of the “4444” promo which ends today, hence not waiting for a solution before signing up.

I’m sure the website content itself can be transferred manually, and I can go into the domain records and point them to the right places… Is there anything else I should do, or some easy way to transfer it all?

What about things like webmail? (not using google apps for this site)

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


It’s not permitted to transfer domains between accounts that have used promocodes, but you could contact Support via Panel and state your case. They might let you get away with it.

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The domain name for the site wasn’t registered via DreamHost, so surely I’d just need to point the DNSs in the right direction once I’ve moved over the website content?

I don’t see how promo codes have anything to do with it…

Thanks for the reply - I’ll contact support :slight_smile:

Current customers and domains already hosted on DreamHost are not eligible for promo codes.

You could game the system.

For example, I might setup an account with a promocode (gaining cheap web hosting for the first year) then near the end of the year I get a mate to signup on his credit card on another promocode (again, cheap!) and let my account expire, then transfer my domains onto his account. As you can see, this would mean DH earn nothing while I happily game the system, getting full hosting at $10 a year or something. If this is allowed to occur then our happy house of cards would surely tumble.

If that were allowed to occur then we’d all be stuffed.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost