Transfering a domain and hosting from doteasy


Hi there,

We were just hosting through doteasy and have a domain registered there. We’re now moving to dreamhost, and not too sure how to put the final wheels in motion.

We show our domain under ‘active domains’ and it’s also listed under ‘manage domains.’

What do we do to complete the final switch to dreamhost 100%?




It should be nothing more complicated than updating the DNS to point to the 3 DreamHost nameservers (,, If you are talking about a separate domain from the one you registered here, then you will need to add a domain in the Control Panel. You should already have FTP login information (from when you signed up), so you can upload your site stuff to the folder created when you added the domain. If you have a database, you might need to create a subdomain so that you can begin setting it up in advance of propagation.

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Thanks for the reply. Where to I update the DNS to point to the Dreamhost nameservers? I think I tried to move the domain to be taken care of by Dreamhost as well, but to be honest, not to sure.




Do a ‘whois’ query for your domain name to see who the registrar is.

If it’s still at doteasy, then the domain transfer hasn’t happened yet.
Go to the DreamHost control panel under Domains and click Reg.Transfer to try again.

If it’s at DreamHost, then go to the control panel under Domains and click Manage Domains and update your WHOIS info.